Welcome to BlakeSite!

The personal website of Blake C. Miner.
Yes... this poor site is very old and sad... and built in PHP... boo. Someday, I will rebuild it.

About Me

I've always liked computers, so now I build web applications. I presently work for Sweet Amanda's, Inc where we build really cool vending kiosks. Previously, I operated iCompute Consulting, LLC, a small software development business specializing in the development of modern, fast, and stylish web applications. Me I haven't had much time to work on my company website, but here it is: www.icomputeconsulting.com.

A few years ago, I also ran a small computer repair business, Online Fix Shop to work my way through school.

It has always been one of my dreams to teach either math or computer science. A few yeras ago, I taught a few Java Programming courses through the University of Akron's Continuing Education Program, which was a great experience. I hope to head back to school someday for a Masters or Doctorate Degree in Computer Science. Eventually, I think that I would like to teach at Ohio State.

My hobbies are goofing around on the computer, playing piano, playing video games, watching movies, skiing, biking, four wheeling, playing paintball and backyard football, and listening to music. I hardly ever watch TV, except when football is on (Roll Tide!)... or Family Guy. I am a former addict of ABC's Lost TV Series. I like all kinds of music except for some rap and country music. If you haven't already guessed, my college football team is the Alabama Crimson Tide!